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WHY REV. MOON LOVES SOCCER: VISION FOR PEACE THROUGH SPORT Peace is undeniably the highest value or our age. Reverend Moon teaches that peace becomes possible when we acknowledge the existence of other peoples, nations and cultures, that is, when we do not ostracize, but accept and embrace people who are different from us.

One of the thousands of world known people supporting Sun Myung Moon is the Brazilian soccer player, Pele. "The King of Soccer" supports Rev. Moon in recent Sports for Peace initiatives. According to them, football is a natural bridge between cultures, races, ethnic groups and nations. Because of this vision for football, as a powerful unifying and peacemaking force, Dr. Moon founded in 2002 the World Cup football for peace - King Peace Cup -

Pioneer in the fight for human rights and tenfold congressman, Lecturer Walter Fauntroy notes: " I fully uphold Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, because he invest all his finances and full potential of his organizations for two main purposes, peace and families." Senator Larry Preslar added: " My admiration of Dr. Moon and his wife grew enormously. His energy, vision and dedication to the cause of peace are unprecedented in the history of mankind." Following his vision and ideal of Peace, Rv. Moon established the Il Hwa Professional Soccer Team in Sung Nam promoting world Peace through the football (soccer). Additionally, he established the Sorocabe Soccer Team and the Cene Soccer Team managing all with success.

Its celebrations are held in university football stadiums and are centered on a match which takes a character of compromise and commitment for the cause of World Peace. In his native land of Korea, he won the support and trust of some government officials than understand his vision and philosophy of peace. Through the guidance of Rv. Moon, the team trains football players in a big sports center.He has changed the status of an ordinary game. It conveys similar messages as a successful football team: applying individual efforts toward a greater goal, respect to the opponents and the game, sacrifice, good ethic and moral standard, plus the ideal of promoting peace inside and abroad.

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Reverend Moon and Sports

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On July 19, 2008, a helicopter carrying the Rev. Sun Myung Moon crashed into a mountain in South Korea, injuring Rv. Moon and others.

The helicopter was carrying 16 people when it crashed in Gapyeong, about 37 miles northeast of Seoul. It burst into flames after hitting the ground.

On that day july 19, 2008 at 5: a.m, the day started as usual, reading the scriptures.

Spending each day as if were thousand years observing and living in eternity as it were a moment, every second count for Rv. Moon and his wife


"It was raining before take - off I checked in with the staff at the main gate of the Jeong Gung Museum, no less than five times. During these communications, they told me that they could see up to the ridge, along the hill above. So we decided to take of and fly back to the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. We were suddenly enveloped in fog or cloud. As a result, we have zero visibility." Pak Gyu dong, pilot.

"When the helicopter started swaying, the children sitting next to me

were excited and said: "Wow"... I was about to tell them this was not a

fun situation, when suddenly, through the window, we began to see the top of the trees. Almost immediately we crashed with a tremendous bang". Yim Ji-seon, attendant.

"I was very frightened when I smelled the helicopter burning I could feel the intense heat from outside. Then I was really afraid, realizing that it could explode at anytime, I thought we were going to die and I move with a great urgency". Rev. Peter Kim, special assistant.

"The lower half of the exit door, which the mechanic opened, opens out as a staircase for the passengers. The doors are made to be pushed open. The upper half of the door was opened toward the skies, we lifted Rv. Moon up and through the exit. As we did so, we could already see flames and so we knew that the aircraft was already on fire. " Yoo Ki-byung, special assistant."

"This accident was quite similar to one that occurred recently involving an army Huey helicopter. In that accident, all of those aboard perished. In light of this, I believe the pilot of this helicopter took the right measures... and the passengers did everything they could to have done in the circumstances, I think it was because of this that there were no fatalities or serious injuries.

"The cause of the accident is currently investigated by government officials, the Sirkosky company and other concerning agencies. During the initial investigation it became apparently, aspect of the accident can no be easily explain some of the experts explain about 5 miracles phenomenon:

The first miracle appropriate altitude and the helicopter Rotor.

The second miracle, the cherry tree and the Y - shaped tree.

The third miracle, the muddy cradle on the Hillside.

The fourth miracle, Evacuation in the Gloom.

The fifth miracle, Coordinated escape amid the danger of explosion."

Choi Yeon Cheol, Professor helicopter Operation of Hauseo University.

to seen supernatural phenomeno : Jang Tae Ryung, movie director:
Mr. Kim Yong-ho a fellow movie director, told me that he was fishing at Gapyeong on the 19th when
the skies sud clouded over. He looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow, and although he thought it strange, he felt that seeing it meant good fortune. As he was gazing at the rainbow he saw a helicopter under it, and on a closer look he saw what appear to be a flock of white birds under the rainbow, by the aircraft. He thought they were doves, and wonder why there were so many white doves in the sky. As he gazed at the sight, he realize that the "doves" had human form, like people with wings. Hundreds of these people with wings surrender the helicopter."

An incredible testimony that it will be hard to described as coincidence.

The youngest son of Rv. Moon, Hyung Jin Moon, said: "I think we truly witnessed a historic moment of divine protection. My brothers Hyo-Ji nim, Heung-Jin nim and Young-Jin nim protected that helicopter. The ancestors came down from the spirit world at that moment and helped, each in their own way, by grasping hold to the helicopter. We all truly felt this."

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"When young people dropout of school they, and American society at large face multiple negative consequences". (American Youth Policy Forum).

Every year, close to one-third of eighteen year olds do not finish high school. The dropout rates for minority, students from low-income families, and disabled students are even higher. This is not just a problem affecting certain individuals and schools, it is a community-wide problem that affects everyone. High school dropouts commit about 75 percent of crimes in the United States and are much likely to be on public assistance than those who completed high school. The cost to the public for these crime and welfare benefits is close to $200 billion annually.

General Colin Powell, said in a "Good Morning America" exclusive interview:
"It's not a moral catastrophe, it's an economic problem... it's a security problem. So it is a moral and economic imperative for us to deal with this crisis".

Nationally, about 71 percent of all students graduate from high school on time with a regular diploma, but barely half of African American and Hispanic students earn diplomas with their peers. In many states the difference between white and minority graduation rates is stunning; in several cases there is a gap of as many as 40 or 50 percentage points.

Drop out is not a problem affecting certain individual and school, it is a community-wide problem that affects everyone.

For decades, educators have labored to help these kids but a community wide problem needs a community-wide solution. Moreover, schools want community help.


Dropouts surveyed wanted "better" teachers, more tutoring, summer school an extra time with teachers would have improved their chances of graduating.

The relationship between students and teachers are the most important factor in student's school experience, better positive o negative.

Personal problems cause youth to leave school if they do not have a trusted adult from whom they can seek help.

The pace of instruction is an important reason youth give for leaving school - students who need extra attention and don't receive it are likely to dropout (BYTF 2006).

"Today, school problems are emerging as an urgent social issue in America, Japan and the whole world. Teachers should educate their students with parental love. They should teach with love that is eternal. Their ties should last beyond their school days. Teachers should be unable to forget about their students for the rest of their lives. Those who connect all their knowledge with love are true teachers."
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Family under attack:
UN and Obama against traditional family

Them, the dropout crisis is a complex problem that involves many factors. Mainly the kind of relationship between the family, parents and children. The family is the most significant school of love.

This relationship between parents and children, involve spiritual, moral and emotional aspects, and help to develop a good character education.

To have this good character education we need strong and good moral families.
It is a call to live with a high moral and ethic values inside the family and the society at large.

These ethic and moral values, are what Reverend Moon has been promoting for decades.

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National Save the Family Now, Movement, -Capital Outlook-
Ronald W. Holmes, Ph.D.

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The life of Reverend Moon,
whose task it is to complete the mission of the True Parents, has been one of sorrow, marked by inexpressible suffering and persecution.

The third Adam, the True Parent, needs to indemnify and completely reverse all the failures of the first and second Adams. His task is to complete not only the mission of the Savior, Messiah, and Lord at his second coming, but also the missions of all those major figures on whom religions are based. With similarities to the process of God’s creation of the universe, his life has constituted the great work of the re-creation of humankind, where not even the smallest error is permitted. It has been a lonely course that cannot be fully comprehended by anyone. It has been a course that took him down thorny paths through the wilderness—paths that he had to follow while utterly alone. Not even God could acknowledge him. Hovering many times between life and death, even vomiting blood, he still had to rise again like a phoenix to remain true to his promise to God.
Rev. Moon Sun Myung: Moments From a Lasting Legacy -

Though he was innocent, Reverend Moon has had to endure unjust imprisonment six times: for working in the underground independence movement when he was studying in Japan in his early days; for propagating the will of God in Pyongyang, which was under communist rule immediately after Korea’s independence; during the Syngman Rhee administration after Korea had been reborn as a free nation; and, furthermore, even in the United States, which proudly presents itself to the world as a model of democracy. Who on earth can understand the life of Reverend Moon? His has been a life of misery; by biting his tongue he has endured for the sake of comforting God, and for the salvation of the fallen people of the world who are suffering in the realm of death. Even now, if someone were to look into my heart and speak one word of sympathy, I would burst into tears and my tears would flow like a waterfall.

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Rv. Moon 88 years of age, survived a helicopter accident.
After 13 days of the inc
ident, these were his words:

'This incident, the helicopter accident, was the ultimate determination
(of evil) to destroy even the hopes that I cherished in my heart.
You have to understand how much I have gone through in order

to fill the gap (between what is and what should be).

I abandoned my family when I was sixteen and departed from
this (secular) world at that young age. The things over which
I was unable to gain victory as the Son of Heaven when I was sixteen should (be restored) through history.
Rev. Moon & Unification Church
Rev. Moon's followers and operation

When Satan made his final assault to
destroy me when I was
on the S-92
heaven foiled his attack.
I am truly, truly, truly grateful for the fact that none of the people
on board were hurt by the flames and that all survived, and to be able
to be here today amidst the cheers and testimonies of the people
on the earth and in the spirit world asserting the manifestation
of True Parents"

"It was a miracle of miracles and should
go down as such in the history of air
accidents. Although there many adjectives
there are no words to describe it"
Lee Cheol Seung Chairman UPKMF.

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Lucifer knew everything about the significance of the fundamental love of the human ancestors and about God’s providence. He feared God and held him in awe, and he also knew about the position that he was expected to keep. For these reasons, he has always been in a state of insecurity. He has lived in fear that one day a particular incident would occur. This has been the story of Lucifer’s life.
Lucifer has lived in a state of insecurity and fear, and has forgotten what it was like to enjoy love and peace. The time when he lived surrounded by God’s love and in God’s bosom is nothing but a very distant memory to him. Today, he struggles in the hope that his desires can be satisfied within the limited scope of the life of fear and dread. He has hoped that his will could become reality. His life has been a repetition of this pattern.
Lucifer lived in oneness with insecurity and fear. If God is associated with the Holy Spirit of love, joy, hope, peace and warmth, then Lucifer is closely associated with insecurity and fear. This is because he took that which belonged to someone else. This has been the origin of every aspect of his existence. No matter how hard he may try, he cannot fool people completely. This is because he is a creature created by God, and that is how he was created. How, then, can Lucifer break out of this wall of insecurity and fear and become one with God’s heart of love?

The way he can do this is to keep his position and his station in life. He is not in his own position but in someone else’s, and he is pretending to be the rightful owner of that position. As long as this is true, he lives with the insecurity that the true owner of that position may someday appear. If he were to change his attitude, and announce, “I am not the owner. Wait a little while, and the owner will come,” then his heart would be much more at ease. Also, he must become humble and rid himself of selfish elements. Taking over a position that was not his own and pretending to be the owner means that he has exceeded his rightful level and stolen the position of the rightful owner.

Insecurity and fear came about as a result of excessive desire. Lucifer must do away with selfishness, and live life honestly in his rightful place. That is the only way he can have a foundation of peace, love, and happiness. The greatest crime that Lucifer has committed against humanity until now is that he passed on to us insecurity and fear at the same time that he passed on to us original sin. The fact that insecurity and fear remain in the hearts of human beings signifies that elements of the fall still remain within us. Even great amounts of human effort and prayer have not been sufficient to rid us of these elements or to bring an end to the history of evil.

Working within the context of our precious human lives, we need to remove from our minds and bodies the evil elements we received from Lucifer. To do this, we must reveal every aspect of Lucifer’s nature and root out his fundamental elements. This is not something that can be accomplished in silence or meditation.

Not knowing something can never be considered good in the eyes of God. We must make efforts to know, and when we have knowledge that should not be the end. We gather knowledge in school, but knowledge has no significance if it becomes an end in itself. We must practice the things we have discovered and learned. This is necessary if we are to rid ourselves of the elements that we received from Lucifer. For a long time, Lucifer’s existence was discussed only in terms of his being a criminal. No one taught how we could rid him from our lives.

Now, though, each of us must know the method by which we can get rid of him, and we must root out Lucifer’s elements. The clear fact is that God is our parent, and that we are linked to Him through an eternal parent-child relationship and in a life of attendance to Him. If this is true, then we must consider who is the criminal in the eyes of history and how it was that we humans came to have two masters. No one would dare refer to God as two. The One, or Hananim, is the Creator God who is our parent.

92 percent believe in God, angels, miracles and heaven

Yet, during the course of history, God has suffered great pain and waited endlessly. How often have His hopes been disappointed? We children need to comprehend how God has been anxious and lonely during a tremendously long time, and then live our lives in a way that begins to repay Him for His grace. Lucifer must go to his position. He must have a heart of repentance before all heaven and earth, and go to his position. Once he arrives there, he must adopt an attitude of waiting humbly for God’s direction.
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Lucifer’s fall in the Garden of Eden as a result of illicit love was passed down from generation to generation of human beings and became the original sin. The original world that God desired would have been a world where parents and children lived within the same compound, sharing love and living in beautiful harmony. The illicit love that resulted from the fall, however, meant that the love of human beings bore little resemblance to the true nature of love. This love only produced disharmony, and it was all that human beings could do to maintain love between husband and wife within a limited scope. It was as if a bird that is flying freely in the sky suddenly broke its wing, or somehow the wing fell off. No longer able to fly, the bird would have to crawl along the ground or just lie down. This would severely restrict its area of activity. Human acts of love today are as severely limited as the bird that has lost the use of its wings. This is the reality of love today.


Whether it be a husband and wife who are deeply in love with each other or a newlywed couple on their wedding night, the act of love making today has to be done in hiding so that no one else will know. This is the painful reality of the act of love making that Lucifer has passed down. God created human beings as His children, but the love of the children has been put somewhere where the parent cannot give it His blessing. When God gives His blessing to His children, all of creation also gives its blessing. God wanted to share in the joy and happiness of His children. Lucifer was the one who completely robbed God of the opportunity to express such a heart.


God’s heart and love were reduced to such a lowly level. God’s heart was brought to a pitiful state. This is how the fundamental motivation for human love was turned into something that caused God great pain and sorrow. Among the different expressions of God’s heart, even His love was broken and lost.

This painful history continued and continued until today. In order to bring an end to God’s lonely heart and the history of His grief, we must consider how Lucifer’s fall and illicit love has brought about untold amount of suffering to human beings. The time has come for us to get rid of the mistaken origin of love that Lucifer gave us. Thus, Lucifer must repent before God as a criminal who has committed crimes for thousands of years. He must raise both hands and take responsibility before God and humankind for his errors.

The Blessing Overcomes Historic Boundaries


In this way he must participate, along with the ancestors of the 360 million couples, in the building of a new heaven and new earth and make a redemptive offering before God and True Parents. Mistaken history must be brought to an end, and Lucifer must dance and sing with True Parents in the new Eden.

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